What makes me tick?
My heart beats for product and service development centred around societies' needs as well as innovation, especially how we can employ new technologies to our advantage, support exponential growth without having people feel threatened by it.

Creativity helps me to envision the future and the many steps, which will take us there.

I’m a person who can use her creativity, knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to find solutions to challenges – somebody who sees opportunities rather than problems.
Sustainability is one of my core values I'm grown up with, which lets me continuously think of ways to improve on a micro and macro level.

There are many topics I’m excited about, like the third dimension of mobility and the new ecosystem we’re about to create, or blockchain and its potential around security and trust.


How can the circular economy, our knowledge and creativity help us sustain a more healthy ecosystem?
Here an online manifestation of my vision, which I started calculating in 2013:
www.earth-is-yours.com (needs a reboot; starting soon)

This is penguin Sandy with a woollen jumper, which  I knitted in my early 20ies to raise awareness for penguins, injured in oil spills.

New Mobility
How can traffic be decarbonised and new vehicles in the third dimension, help us live a more connected life?

Image below shows me at the age of 17 with two friends. Eager to do a roadtrip, but not owning a car yet, we took a John Deere Traktor and started a trip from the North of Germany to our hometown, 250km direction South.

How can technology be used for social good and become a trusted source, supporting human interactions?

This is a book of 2620 pages, which I created in 2006 showing the 65.536 different combinations of 1 and 0 in Black and White, starting from 0-0-0-0-0-0 to 1-1-1-1-1-1.
Now imagine Blockchain.